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Happy Friends

Dispute management for invoices made easy in four simple steps.

We've simplified customer management.

When you're running a business, nothing is more important than your relationship with your customers and nobody understands that better than NAB. We are laser-focused on making it as easy as possible to manage your customers and increase your sales — from our industry leading merchant portal or from right within your payment hardware!

Customer management that works for you.

Gain detailed yet easy-to-understand insights into your customers with our customized reporting. Create customer profiles. Then, sort them by filters you choose, so that you can sell to your customers more effectively than ever before. Now, you'll know:

  • Who spends the most money during their visits.

  • Who visits your business most oftten.

  • Who is a first-time buyer and more.


You can even export your customer list to use any marketing tools you choose, allowing you to more effectively advertise to your customers via email campaigns and so on.

Solicit customer feedback.

Want to find out more about your customers and how to better serve them? Just ask them! Our customizable receipts allow you to ask for customer feedback via surveys that allow them to rate their experience.

Manage your reputation.

Connect your Google Business Profile to view and manage customer reviews directly from Payments Hub. Create custom quick replies based on star ratings, view your rating and review trends, and keep an eye on how your competitors are doing, all in one spot.

Find out more about the customer management solutions you need to increase customer loyalty and enhance your bottom line.

Dont place your self in a box and depend on luck

We customize a POS system for your business, not make your business fit into a square. don't depend on luck to get a low fee and end up with many hidden fees and language barriers.
Don't get burned with high fees and long term contracts

  • No Hidden fees to no fees!!

  • No long term contract

  • Online gateways with emailing invoicing.

  • Free consultation and rate review analysis.

  • Free equipment placement and ATM's

  • QR code ordering

  • Kiosk

  • Church Tithing and non-profit Kiosk

  • Loyalty Programs and Social Media

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