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Paying with a Phone

We know online & ecommerce payment processing.

Paying with Cellphone
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Ecommerce payment processing for everyone.

Looking to accept credit card payments online or currently accepting payments but looking for a new payments partner? Either way, North American Bancard is here to help. We realize that accepting payments online is no longer a nice-to-have, but rather a need-to-have, and we want to make it as simple and affordable as possible for you.

Completely customizable ecommerce credit card processing.

You can use your existing website to offer a completely customizable checkout experience with your branding while simultaneously freeing yourself from liability for sensitive cardholder data with our PCI Plus Program.

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Simple integration with the leading POS partners and shopping carts.

Our ecommerce solutions allow you to have integrated point of sale software for online credit card processing. We partner with the most popular point of sale and shopping cart plug-ins. So no matter what you need, we can help with quick and easy online payment processing.

Free Virtual Terminal access in our secure online merchant portal.

A web-based application that allows for accepting payments online, our Payments Hub Virtual Terminal can accept:

Card-present payments including swiped (magstripe), dipped (EMV) and tapped (contactless EMV and NFC).

Card-not present payments.

Payments made over the phone.

Payments made via mail.

Recurring payments for subscription billing.

Entering credit card details
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Multiple online payment gateways mean we have the right solution for every merchant.

NAB seamlessly integrates to seven, full-featured online payment gateways, including:


That means no matter what industry you’re in, we have a secure and affordable solution to help you offer fast and frictionless online credit card processing that will increase your sales. Already using a gateway? We probably integrate with it, which makes switching to NAB to save money on payment processing super easy. 

Don't delay - accept credit card payments online with NAB!

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Accept payments online with free access to our Virtual Terminal.

NAB's Virtual Terminal allows you to do virtually everything.

A virtual terminal is a web-based solution that allows you to accept both card-present payments and card-not-present payments such as those made online. You can access NAB's industry-leading Virtual Terminal for free from within our secure online merchant portal. It's safe and seamless virtual terminal credit card processing!

Accept payments over the phone.

Accept payments through the mail.

Accept payments online.

Process card-not-present transactions.

It's virtual terminal access made easy.

Finally, a Virtual Terminal that does it all.


Subscription services
/recurring billing.

Safeguard your customers' personal and account information. Leverage a streamlined platform to start accepting payments (via credit card or ACH) for recurring products and services like software, donations, and more. You can even customize contracts with optional add-ons and discounts.

Card-present EMV acceptance.

Simplify both EMV migration and your PCI-DSS liability by accepting EMV chip cards via our Virtual Terminal and a FREE Ingenico iCT 220 Terminal that is pre-programmed with our semi-integrated EMV solution. You'll even have the option to set up multiple payment acceptance stations through your single account!


Purchase level card acceptance.

Access Level 2 and 3 data entry fields to save money by securing the most optimal Interchange rates on every Virtual Terminal transaction. You can choose to process in real time or add to existing transactions.

Email invoicing.

Get paid in a hurry by generating and sending emailable invoices with the click of a button! Customers can then use our Hosted Payment Page to pay their balances safely, securely, and immediately via credit card, digital wallet, or even echeck.

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Increase your online sales by accepting:

Swiped transactions.

Keyed transactions.

EMV credit card transactions.

Card-present EMV acceptance. Subscription services/recurring payments. Email invoicing with recurring billing. If you’re serious about increasing your ecommerce sales, NAB’s Virtual Terminal is just the ticket. It will allow you to easily perform swiped, keyed, and EMV chip card transactions. Plus, a variety of other payment management functions — all without the need for a traditional POS terminal. Our Virtual Terminal can even help you secure the most optimal interchange rates on every transaction by utilizing purchase level 2 data like “sales tax,” “customer code,” and “invoice number” and level 3 data like “item product code,” “item price,” and “item description.”

Learn more about our Virtual Terminal.

Start increasing your online sales with NAB’s Virtual Terminal today.

Dont place your self in a box and depend on luck

We customize a POS system for your business, not make your business fit into a square. don't depend on luck to get a low fee and end up with many hidden fees and language barriers.
Don't get burned with high fees and long term contracts

  • No Hidden fees to no fees!!

  • No long term contract

  • Online gateways with emailing invoicing.

  • Free consultation and rate review analysis.

  • Free equipment placement and ATM's

  • QR code ordering

  • Kiosk

  • Church Tithing and non-profit Kiosk

  • Loyalty Programs and Social Media

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