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Revelation Business Solutions & Consulting

Merchant Services With Integrity & Transperancy

Business Owner
Victor Ricondo
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As a Marine Disabled Veteran, I have overcome much. I was born and raised in San Antonio,
Texas. My father served 22 years in the U.S. Air Force. My parents raised three sons and taught
us how to work hard, while having integrity.

I have a beautiful, hard-working, supportive wife, who is a Registered Nurse, but always finds
time to assist me when needed. We have three amazing adult college children together, two of
them plan to join the AirForce. As a family, we attend church, enjoy hosting game nights and
events. We enjoy competing in many sporting events, board games, dancing, and hosting the
Ricondo Summer Olympics.

I started Revelation Business Solutions & Consulting in 2020. I had been employed for 2 years
in another merchant company and had been in the nation’s top 10, in sales, won trips and
bonuses but I started to realize the company I worked for had hidden fees, and bad deceptive
practices. My name and integrity meant more to me than being in the nation’s top 10. I wanted
to provide a better product, to be transparent, bring integrity, and reveal the truth to this
deceptive industry. I am now going on 4 years in the business with over 120 accounts. It was not
easy as I started with nothing and hit the streets going from business to business, but soon the
referrals started to come through. This is a testament to the great service we provide. Through it
all my wife and kids supported me, especially with the technology side of things.

I am sensitive to the business owner's needs and their struggles. From the bottom-up I started a
power washing business, and was in business for 15 years. The last couple of years we were
able to reach sales up to 1.5 million. We understand the struggles of a small business and its
growth. I believe in networking with each of my merchant clients and not only be their merchant
agent, not be a hit and run employee, but I am here to meet their needs beyond merchant
services. We enjoy hosting events with our merchants such as golf outings, social outings,
dinners, etc. I hope we can service your merchant business needs, and I look forward to
meeting with you.

Dont place your self in a box and depend on luck

We customize a POS system for your business, not make your business fit into a square. don't depend on luck to get a low fee and end up with many hidden fees and language barriers.
Don't get burned with high fees and long term contracts

  • No Hidden fees to no fees!!

  • No long term contract

  • Online gateways with emailing invoicing.

  • Free consultation and rate review analysis.

  • Free equipment placement and ATM's

  • QR code ordering

  • Kiosk

  • Church Tithing and non-profit Kiosk

  • Loyalty Programs and Social Media

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